Chapter I

General Dispositions
Article 1
Scope of Application

1. This regulation contains the fundamental provisions to be observed in the use of moorings for fixed moorings of pleasure craft in the port of Setúbal: called “Soltróia”, concession to Lusofinança and Boatcenter and operated through Comporta Pier, Lda
2. This regulation applies to all users of the services provided at the aforementioned anchorage.
3. Service users are considered to be all persons who have requested these same services and who have settled the respective payment.

Article 2
Validity of parking at the mooring

1. The parking permit at the mooring is valid only for the holder and for the vessel to which it relates.
2. Users are prohibited from using the mooring assigned to them, by vessels other than the one to which it relates, even if such units are their property, without prior authorization from Comporta Pier Lda.
3. Whenever a vessel, registered for the use of a mooring, belongs to more than one person, Comporta Pier Lda. will require that, before it, one of the co-owners assumes sole responsibility for said use, without prejudice to the general rules of law applicable to co-ownership.

Article 3
Assignment of berths

1. Os serviços administrativos da Comporta Pier, recebem as inscrições para a utilização de postos de amarração no ancoradouro denominado de “Soltróia”, para a época de 2024, a partir das 10h do dia 15 de março até às 23:59h do dia 25 de março do ano corrente, para as atribuições pelos critérios de prioridade, mantendo-se abertas até ao final da época atendendo os pedidos com base na ordem de entrada do pedido por email e esteja salvaguardada a disponibilidade de boias para a dimensão e tipologia da embarcação em causa.
Interested parties will only be able to register by email, sending the registration form, as well as all the necessary documentation to the following email address ([email protected]) and all senders will also be informed by this same way, of the respective registration numbers, the corresponding amounts and payable for the intended period of use, as well as some constraints, if any.
The Management of Comporta Pier and its administrative services will not consider requests from interested parties that do not meet the required requirements (necessary and mandatory documentation), nor those submitted before the date and time set for this purpose.
O respetivo formulário, tarifário e regulamento encontram-se disponíveis, no site da Comporta Pier ( e no site do Porto de Setúbal (, podendo ser solicitado o envio de toda a documentação relativa ao ano de 2024 por email, junto dos serviços administrativos do Comporta Pier.
2. The award criteria will be made in order of entry of the respective requests, also taking into account the following factors:

a) o período requisitado, ou seja, terão primazia os pedidos da época e os de maior extensão por ordem decrescente;
b) the characteristics of the vessels / suitability for the moorings;

3. Requests are made by the owners of the vessels or by their representatives, under the conditions set out in point 1 of this article, by completing the form, which will be provided by email or which can be taken from the aforementioned websites, accompanied by copies of the documents below:

a) booklet with valid inspection or registration certificate (and leasing contract, if applicable);
b) civil liability and own damage insurance policy corresponding to receipts proving payment (mandatory documents), under the terms of the Recreational Boating Regulation and other applicable legislation;
c) copy of the water or electricity receipt from the applicant's domicile;
d) citizen's card/identity card and taxpayer number (in the case of a legal person, card and permanent certificate);

4.Os períodos de estacionamento terão de ser no mínimo de uma semana que poderá ser acrescido de dias soltos
5. For the purposes of correspondence and legal necessity, the address indicated in the document to be delivered by the user provided for in subparagraph c) of paragraph 3 of this article is considered to be domicile.
6. The attribution / information of the buoy number will only occur after the payment of the fee for using the mooring station.

Article 4
False Statements

Without prejudice to other consequences provided for by law, the provision of false declarations by users implies the rejection of the requests made or the cancellation of the authorizations granted.

Chapter II

Boat Parking
Article 5
Types of Parking and Renovation

1.The permanence of vessels at the anchorage is authorized, on a temporary basis, under the following regimes:

a) Estacionamento à época: correspondente ao período de 01 de maio até 30 de Setembro de 2024.
b) Estacionamento trimestral: correspondente a três meses contínuos na mesma época.
c) Monthly parking: from 12:00h. from the 1st to 12:00h. hours of the 1st of the following month or 12:00h. from the 15th to 12:00 pm. of the 15th of the following month.
d) Weekly parking: from 12:00h. from friday at 12 noon of the following Friday.

2. If the user wishes to renew the parking period and there is availability, including any obligation to change the buoy, he must submit his request to Comporta Pier, up to five days before the end of the authorization granted, under penalty of, from this date, billing becomes the daily rate, without prejudice to the application of the provisions of article 8 of this regulation.

Article 6
Usage Fees

1. A cobrança das taxas correspondentes ao período de estacionamento pretendido é efetuada através de transferência bancaria para o Iban: PT50 PT50-0033-0000-45663488947-05, Comporta Pier, enviando o comprovativo para o e-mail ([email protected]), até 8 dias após a confirmação da atribuição e nunca menos de 48h do início do parqueamento.

2. For non-payment of the fees due, the user incurs the application of the provisions of subparagraph f) of no. 2 of article 8 of these Regulations, as well as the immediate loss of authorization for the mooring post, without prejudice to the holding of the prior hearing provided for in the Code of Administrative Procedure.

Article 7

1. Users of berths are responsible to Comporta Pier and third parties, under the general terms of the law, for the damages caused, and must use them with redoubled attention and take the necessary precautions in order to avoid the occurrence of accidents, taking into account the risks natural resources to which such activity is subject.
2. Comporta Pier is not responsible for losses, damages or accidents suffered by vessels and all those who frequent the berths, unless they are attributable to it under the terms of the legislation in force.
3. Comporta Pier is not responsible for thefts or robberies and acts of vandalism that occur on vessels parked at the berths.

Article 8
Removal of Vessels

1. Comporta Pier reserves the right to remove any vessel or object parked at the berths when:

a) Parking without authorization;
b) Parking harmful to the normal functioning of the berths;
c) The need for maintenance, conservation and operation of the moorings;
d) The occurrence of bad weather or other circumstances that advise it; without prejudice to the provisions of article 11;
e) Violation of the rules of this regulation;
f) Failure to pay the required fees.

2. The costs of removing vessels for the reasons mentioned in the previous number are the responsibility of the owners.
3. Except in emergency situations or other circumstances that clearly prevent it, the owners of the vessels will be notified in advance by the administrative services of Comporta Pier for this purpose, under penalty of, at the end of the stipulated period, at their expense.

Article 9

For security purposes and without prejudice to the rights, freedoms and guarantees of citizens, Comporta Pier may adopt, among others, the following measures or measures:

a) With regard to foreign vessels, where applicable, require information on the places of origin and destination of the same, name, nationality, number of people embarked and disembarked, probable date and time of departure;
b) Proceed with the identification of the people who park the vessels at the berths;
c) Promoting with the competent authorities the impediment of departure of vessels in justified cases of non-compliance with the established rules.

Article 10
Vessel Exchange

1. The authorization of a fixed mooring berth in the event of a vessel being exchanged for another of a higher class of the same holder, will be subject to the availability of vacant berths and, eventually, requests on the waiting list.
2. However, the holder enjoys, under equal circumstances, the right of preference in the authorization of the berth compatible with the characteristics of the new vessel.
3. In the case provided for in the previous number, the difference in the rate corresponding to the time not yet elapsed in the parking period is due.
4. When the vessel is exchanged for another of a lower class, keeping the same mooring post, the rates foreseen for the class of vessel to which the mooring post refers are due.

Chapter III

Article 11
Obligations of Users

1. Once service users have taken prior notice of this regulation, undertake to use the anchorage in accordance with the following:

a) request, pursuant to art. 3rd, the assignment of a fixed mooring, indicating the period(s) of parking and the intended anchorage(s);
b) moor their vessels in the places indicated by Comporta Pier in safety conditions, namely, well moored, equipped with sized cables and in good condition;
c) be attentive to the weather forecasts posted in the places and especially to the bad weather warnings in order to protect their property;
d) respect the schedules established for the transhipment from land to vessels and vice versa indicated in subparagraph c) of art. 12th;
e) respect the rules of good neighbourliness, urbanity and mutual respect among all owners of anchored vessels;
f) keep the vessels in conditions of perfect buoyancy and in a good state of conservation and cleanliness;
g) provide the vessels with adequate fenders, in good condition and operational and duly placed, in order to effectively protect them against small bumps and knocks resulting from maneuvers of various natures;
h) not to harm the safety of berths or other vessels;
i) not to carry out fires or fireworks of any nature, either inside the vessels or during transshipment,
j) not to carry out repairs on vessels parked in the liquid area, without the prior authorization of Comporta Pier.
l) do not navigate at speeds greater than three knots inside the berths, at the entrance or exit thereof, in order not to cause waves that could harm the safety and well-being of other users;
m) respect the aisles for access and circulation of vessels in the areas designated for this purpose;
n) not to dump oils, debris or any objects in the liquid area or in the terrestrial areas;
o) not to test engines or carry out any work inside the vessels that may cause discomfort to other users;
p) not cause marine pollution,
q) do not bathe or dive in the waters inside the berths;
r) pay in advance the fees provided for in the tariff previously sent via e-mail;
s) keep updated, no. telephone so that they can be easily and quickly contacted at any time to resolve situations that may arise when parking vessels;
t) keep the inspections and insurance of the respective vessels up to date.

2. The owners of vessels using the anchorage authorize that their vessels may be changed from a specific mooring to another located at the same anchorage, even without their prior knowledge, whenever force majeure or safety reasons so require, by officials of the service duly qualified and mandated. Whenever there is a need to move a vessel, its owner will be informed of the occurrence and the reason that caused the need to move his vessel, within a maximum period of 24 hours.

Article 12
User's Rights

Holders of a fixed berth are entitled:

a) ao estacionamento nas amarrações em situações de bom tempo, o qual e em termos estatísticos se restringe ao período de 01 de maio a 30 de setembro de 2024 incluindo sábados, domingos e feriados;
b) that the mooring where the vessel should be parked is indicated;

Shuttle Service (Transshipment to and from vessels)

c) transfer from land to vessels and vice versa every day, at the following times:

• no mês de Maio, das 9 horas às 19 horas;
in June, from 9 am to 8 pm;
• no mês de Julho, das 9 horas às 20 horas;
• no mês de Agosto, das 9 horas às 20 horas;
• no mês de Setembro, das 9 horas às 19 horas;

which is affixed in a conspicuous place on the anchorage shelters. In case of force, the service will be provided whenever requested.
d) that the embarkation places for the transfer of people to and from the anchored vessels are marked, with the indication “Place of Embarkation”, that is, the aisles for carrying out shuttle services are identified;
e) surveillance services leading to the prevention of incidents and/or accidents;
f) to be informed of weather forecasts, namely bad weather warnings, in order to protect their property, posted in the support facilities, and in addition, of the respective updated meteorological information bulletin provided by the Portuguese Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera, including , for the following days.
g) when carrying out the shuttle service and taking into account compliance with the recommendations and guidelines of the authorities, in the context of the pandemic or other circumstances, the limitation will be made accordingly.

Article 13
Cancellation of authorizations

1. Comporta Pier may cancel the authorizations granted to users of the anchorage, without the right to any compensation, whenever they violate any legal or regulatory obligations or provisions to which they are subject or referred to in this regulation.

Article 14
Cancellation Processes

Cancellation processes will be officially initiated by the Management of Comporta Pier.

Article 15
Suspension of Authorizations

Comporta Pier may also suspend authorizations, without being subject to any compensation, whenever, due to anomalies verified in the exercise of the activity, it deems it appropriate, through prior written communication indicating the reasons for fact and law that determine the suspension.

Chapter IV

Article 16
Suggestions and Complaints

1. Users may submit in writing their suggestions or complaints regarding parking or any other matters of interest for the good functioning of the anchorage.
2. For the purposes of the previous number, we suggest that suggestions, as well as complaints, be made to the email address of Comporta Pier ([email protected]), if they wish to make the complaint in writing, they must make the same in respective complaints book existing in the administrative services of Comporta Pier.

Chapter V

Article 17

1. In all the omissions in this regulation, it will be subject to the decision of the Management of Comporta Pier.

Chapter VI

Article 18

O presente Regulamento entra em vigor no dia 27 de fevereiro de 2024.

Soltroia, em 22 de janeiro de 2024