The Comporta Pier

The Comporta Pier Serviços Náuticos Lda. is a partnership between the companies Boatcenter, SA and Lusofinança, Lda,with the purpose of jointly managing the Sóltroia Anchorage. We believe that their joint exploitation will bring advantages in terms of know how and competences of each one of the companies, which will allow the creation of unique synergies, looking after the best interests of the sailors, raising the quality of the space and service of the anchorage.

The Boatcenter is a reference company in the recreational boating sector, present in the market since 2000. Currently, it manages more than 6,000m2 and 125 vessels in “drydock” with direct access to water, in the Sado Estuary, providing, through its multiple services, an easier, practical and safer access to Recreation Boating.

Through its highly qualified management team with extensive experience in the area, it intends to dynamize and facilitate access to the practice of "Recreation Boating" through the provision of excellent services, in order to assert itself as a nautical pole that boosts the practice of nautical activities, operating with a special focus on the Sado/Setúbal/Arrábida/Sesimbra/Tróia and Comporta estuary axis.

On the other end, Lusofinança is a company that provides financial advisory, financial management and investment consultancy services, with successful cases in investment and management of tourist developments at a national and international level.

Its qualified management team in asset management has the strategy of diversifying its investments, namely in the economy of the sea, always based on demanding principles of social responsibility and good environmental practices.

We believe that joint exploration by these two entities will benefit from unique synergies, generating opportunities for sailors and all those involved, including the regions covered by the project they propose to implement.